Discover Great Fishing In Clinton County, IL

If your fishing rod is just itching to dip into some cool water, head to Clinton County. We’re home to Illinois’ largest manmade lake, Carlyle Lake, plus miles of creeks and ponds that are prime waters for fish. boat fishing

Carlyle Lake is an angler’s dream, with 32 different species of fish recorded. Major fish include crappie, carp, bluegill, channel catfish and white bass. But other top sporting fish, such as walleye and largemouth bass also live here.

The lake, managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is divided by railroad tracks into two parts. The Upper Lake area offers two public access points, the Lower Lake area, with six access areas, including one at Eldon Hazlet State Park. Fishing is also allowed at the East and West Spillway areas just below the Carlyle Lake Dam. Carlyle Lake
Eldon Hazlet State Park

If fishing smaller waters is more your style, the County has lots of options. Beaver Creek near Germantown; Horseshoe Lake, outside of Albers; and Sportsman Lake Dam, near Trenton are three good ones to try.

One great way to stay up to date on fishing in the area is to check in with Fishing with Al Crocker on the Carlyle Lake website. His “Carlyle Lake Fishing Report” and “Fishing and the Outdoors” programs have lots of helpful information, such as where the fish are biting, as well as interviews with top guides and outfitters.

After a fun day of fishing, head to one of our casual restaurants for some good home cooking. It’s the perfect way to end a day in Clinton County.

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