It’s Harvest Time In Clinton County, IL

Anyone who has ever driven through Clinton County knows that fall is a time to be especially watchful. It’s harvesting season, and that means over any hill or around any corner you may encounter farm equipment as it’s coming and going from the fields. Now is the time to take it slow and be safe.

An overhead photo of a combine working a field.

Photo: Cloud Visual 319542/Unsplash

For drivers of both the equipment and cars, patience is key. Farm equipment is required to have a Slow Moving Vehicle emblem displayed, and lighting or flashers on equipment that is used near sunup and sundown. This helps drivers spot them on the road and helps farmers know they can be seen from a distance. But it takes more than that to be safe. As most everyone who has grown up in the area knows, combines that are used for harvesting can be huge, ranging up to a18-feet wide. In addition to being large, they’re slow moving. With these on the country roads as well as tractors hauling grain carts, road sharing is essential.

This time of year, just to be safe, expect to encounter large farm equipment over a hill or around a corner. That way you’ll be prepared if you do come across one. If you’re driving a car, approach slowly and make sure a farmer sees you before trying to pass. Don’t assume he’s pulling over to let you go by; he may be pulling over in order to make a wide turn.

Harvest time is when the farms reap the rewards of all their hard work. It should be a time of celebration. Let’s all help make it that!

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