Family & Community Key to Illinois’ Main Street Pastures

It started years ago as a dream: to have a small farm where they could raise their children. In 2010, Chad and Jill Vonder Haar began farming 80 acres with the help of Chad’s dad and brothers. Then in 2014, the family moved to its current location in St. Rose, Illinois, and the dream became a reality. The Main Street Farms logo--a sketch of a barn superimposed over a pasture scene.

The farm, called Main Street Pastures, is truly a family affair. The family of six sitting on hay bales.The four children help with chores, and are learning the responsibility and lessons that come with raising animals and living off the land. Animals are raised on the pasture throughout most of the year—they’re non-GMO fed—and feed mostly on corn and barley the family grows themselves. Chickens roam the farm, able to forage for grains and bugs; pigs are free to dig and root in the dirt; cattle, lambs, and broiler chickens rotate through the pasture for fresh greens.

Fortunately it’s not just the family that benefits, but the community too is able to share in the farm’s bounty. Main Street Pastures offers monthly bundles, such as the September bundle that includes a beef roast, six pounds of hamburger, brats, pork chops, and lamp chops or steaks. A bargain at $55! More of the farm’s products, including eggs are sold at Wessel’s Corner Market in St. Rose. During the summer, Main Street Pastures products were at the Breese Farmer’s Market. Now that the market is closed, the family will sell straight from their farm on September 22, October 6 and October 20 (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.). All products are also available at the farm, by appointment. If you’d like to see the farm, give them a call! Weather permitting, the Vonder Haar’s are willing to give farm tours and let visitors get up close to the animals.

Main Street Pastures is a testament to following your dream, and a wonderful family story that will continue to grow and flourish for years to come.

Main Street Farms
8801 Main Street, St. Rose, IL

From life on the farm to homes in our wonderful towns, Clinton County is a great place to raise a family!

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