Duey’s on Fairfax: Great Food With Good Vibes in Carlyle, IL

Walk through the doors of Duey’s on Fairfax, a new restaurant in Carlyle, Illinois, and you’ll immediately feel like you belong. There’s a friendly “Cheers” like atmosphere here, a perfect place to relax for an hour or two.The interior of the dining room showing one wall of family photos and black tables and chairs by a large window.

Family photos hang on one dark-paneled wall; a selection of mirrors on another, creating an intimate atmosphere in the generous room. Stylish black tables and chairs add an upscale feel and invite guests to linger over the kitchen’s delicious food.

The inventive menu is as comforting as the space. Chef Jonathan is a Carlyle native with years of culinary experience and his talents are on full display here. His Geezy Bread appetizer is already becoming legendary. Provolone cheese, roasted garlic spread, pimentos and pepperoncini fill a French roll that’s hot, melty, delicious—and a bit addictive.

Salads, such as a Southern-style Cobb or Beth’s Roll Tide chicken, are favorites and generous enough for two people. A photo of the menu showing the sandwiches.Sandwiches are the house specialty and each one is a masterpiece inspired by family recipes and named after a family member. Chi-Town Nana honors the chef’s grandmother and does her proud with a super satisfying combo of ham, pepperoni and salami served on a toasted French roll and topped with shredded lettuce and tomato, an Italian vinaigrette, and roasted red pepper spread. Other sandwiches show a range of flavors, from a take on New Orleans muffaletta to a Vietnamese-style banh mi sandwich, to good-old meatballs and marinara, and more.

The menu is still being tweaked and expanded, so you may find more delicious options, such as family-type dinner specials, on your next visit.

The small bar area, showing the bar top and one wall with a Budweiser sign.Duey’s on Fairfax has a quaint, small bar, a nice place to meet a friend and grab a drink—the spicy Bloody Mary is a must! Come summer, an outdoor patio will provide an additional space to relax.

Duey’s on Fairfax
1028 Fairfax Street, Carlyle, IL
Tuesday – Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Friday – Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
The bar is open later each evening
Closed Monday

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