A Taste of Luxury at Crooked Creek Winery

Two filled wine glasses one with white and one with red sitting on table.

The Crooked Creek Winery in Centralia, IL has been a popular winery for years now and recently received the award that proves it. The people voted and gave Crooked Creek the 2019 St. Louis A-List award for Best Winery! Started in 2014, by owners Shannon and Mindy Cooney, the Crooked Creek Winery is far more than just a place to get a drink.

The Cooney’s have made a commitment to producing wine that both appreciates local grape varieties, as well as explores the traditional European wine-making traditions. Among a variety of wines offered daily, here are three popular wines and their food pairings to try on your next visit:

  • Giddy Up (White table wine)- Giddy Up features high notes of juicy pear and tropical fruit. This bright tasting wine has a sugary end that pairs well with a dessert course, or a rich, cheesy main course!
  • Seyval Blanc (White table wine)- This dry and refreshing white is light and features notes of stone fruit and pineapple. It’s even light enough for early morning brunch, pairing well with hearty favorites like omelets or a vegetable quiche!
  • Easy Red (Red table wine)- The Easy Red tastes just like it sounds, it’s easy and sweet. It’s the perfect pairing for something simple like a burger or even a rich dessert!

This is far from an exhaustive list of all the wines offered, and Crooked Creek Winery is working every day to create something new.

Crooked Creek Winery and Estate is also home to a team of horses that roam the expansive pastures. Guests can watch them as they graze, and ask about the Cooney’s history in raising the horses.


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