The Award-Winning Winery of Carlyle IL!

Twelve Oaks Winery is celebrating a recent win of the Governer’s Cup for their delightfully sweet and fruity wine, aptly named “Hummingbird Dance”. Chosen from over 300 different varieties of wine, this blend won the category of Best Blush/Rosé. The balance of red and white grapes create a delicate and sweet wine that is perfect for the crisp afternoons of autumn, and the upcoming holiday season!

Those looking to get a bottle of Hummingbird Dance can find it at three retail locations (below), but guests are also invited to the vineyard itself. Celebrated for its beauty and abundant gardens, Twelve Oaks Vineyard is a sight year-round. It harkens back to the original owner of the vineyard, the family of William Vogel, who brought together German and American values to create the beauty that we see today.

Current owners, Doug and Jodi Palm, continue to keep the vineyard in top condition, while also staying current on wine-making techniques and factors such as soil climate and temperature ranges. Doug Palm’s interest in wine-making started when he began using the native dewberries on the land for wine, which grew into the sum of knowledge and experience he has today!

In addition to admiring the vineyard, guests are also welcome to experience the Tasting Room. Bringing together the fabulous wine straight from the vineyard, Twelve Oaks has also paired with Marcoot Jersey Creamery and Trenton Processing to offer savory cheese varieties and delicious Genoa salami! Guests will feel right at home with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, who are happy to give their special recommendations and answer guestions.

Stop by and see why Twelve Oaks is one of the premier award-winning wineries in Carlyle and Southwestern Illinois!

Retail Locations:

Hoffman Supermarket
104 W 4th St.
Hoffman, IL  62250
Carlyle IGA
1110 12th St.
Carlyle, IL  62231
The FishHouse
13551 Dam East Access Rd.
Carlyle, IL 62231


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