Crooked Creek Winery in Centralia IL

The small signs of spring are showing up in our beautiful county, and now is the perfect time to sit back and relax with an award-winning glass of wine! Crooked Creek Winery in Centralia, IL is a premier winery that makes a commitment to creating great wine varieties and maintaining their stunning horses and property.

Crooked Creek Winery was recently awarded the “Best Red Wine in Illinois 2020”, given by the Illinois Grape and Vintners Alliance. In 2019, Crooked Creek also received the St. Louis A-List award for Best Winery. After this exciting announcement, it was also revealed that Crooked Creek Winery was expanding and opening a pop-up shop in downtown Centralia! The pop-up nights were hugely successful, drawing out the crowds and showcasing all that Crooked Creek could bring to the downtown scene. Finally in late 2019, the ordinance was unanimously approved and Crooked Creek Winery Downtown was officially opened! Now both businesses are gearing up for their 2020 season and we can’t wait to see the old spirit and new changes.

Crooked Creek Winery Downtown is opening March 4, 2020 and will feature a range of beer as well as their excellent wines, and is located at 107 N Oak, Centralia, Illinois 62801. And it’s not a prank- the original Crooked Creek Winery will open on April 1, 2020 with favorites like Hayseed, Giddy Up, and their new line, E’RY DAY: “straightforward, clean, good wine…perfect for e’ry day”. Located at 24585 W 10th St Rd, Centralia, Illinois 62801, guests can stop by the tasting room and try the varieties that owners Mindy and Shannon Cooney have developed during the off-season!

Come and celebrate all the work Crooked Creek Winery has put into having a great 2020!

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