Twelve Oaks Vineyard in Carlyle IL!

Twelve Oaks Vineyard in Carlyle, IL, is about to open back up for the season and will be back with some fantastic new developments! Twelve Oaks Vineyard made headlines late in 2019, when they won the Governer’s Cup for their wine variety, the “Hummingbird Dance”; this wine, described as delightfully fruity and sweet, won Best in the Blush/Rosé category. Now they are gearing up for the 2020 season and have made some exciting announcements!

Twelve Oaks Vineyard has been long praised for their beautiful tasting room, where guests can sample their award-winning wines along with local meats and cheeses. It was announced last year that new developments would be coming, and with an occasional sneak peak from their social media page, it’s clear that the tasting room is currently under construction for a long-due expansion! When this expansion will be available remains as secret, but fans everywhere know that it will only add to the decadent Twelve Oaks experience.

Not only are they expanding, the vineyard also recently started their program “Travel Tuesdays”. This year long series will showcase guests from all ranges of special interests, talking about topics like the National Parks, World Traveling, and more. In addition, some workshops will have special events, like in December when guests learned how to make Spanish Sangria. The next Travel Tuesday will be March 10, 2020, and features Darlene Timmermann giving out industry secrets on what your travel agency can do for you! Those interested in attending can RSVP by 3/6 to or text (618) 920-5225.

Twelve Oaks Vineyard will be opening back up for the season on April 4, 2020, so stop by for a glass of award-winning wine and some live music to celebrate!

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