Farm Market Expands to Breese IL with a New Store

Farmers markets provide such value to communities throughout the world. And here in Clinton County, IL, we greatly appreciate the goods and services they provide for our local communities. From locally-grown meat to fresh produce we all benefit from their hard work. That’s why we’re so excited that the Farm Market expands to Breese, IL with a new store!

Welcome Sugar Creek Valley Meats to Breese

Sugar Creek Valley Meats logo

Sugar Creek Valley Meats is located just outside of Aniston, IL. Their locally grown meat and produce have been favorite foods for residents for years. Recently, in the midst of the COVID crisis, the owners opened a new store in Breese, IL.  You know their preservative-free meat and produce must be great to be able to expand their business in these difficult times.

On October 23, 2020, Breese, IL Chamber of Commerce celebrated the Grand Opening of Sugar Creek Valley Meats new market located at 120 N 4th St., Breese, IL. The new store’s walls are lined with coolers for beef, pork, chicken, and dairy products. The many bins are filled with organic and healthy fruits and vegetables. And the market is conveniently located along Old U.S. Highway 50 with plenty of parking. Ribbon Cutting for grand opening of new store in Breese IL

Sugar Creek Valley Meats Mission

The mission statement of these farmers is “to provide our customers with the freshest, locally grown, preservative free meat and produce” using regenerative agricultural techniques. While they provide great cuts of meat and fresh vegetables, they also make efforts to rebuild the soil with more organic matter and make the soil more bio-diverse. These farming techniques are sometimes called “beyond sustainable” because they can actually reverse the damage that has been done to soil and water in the area. Jenny and Mark, owners of Sugar Creek Valley Meats, suggest watching a new documentary called “Kiss The Ground” to get more information on the promise of regenerative agriculture.   

Owners standing in front of bins of fresh fruits and vegetables in new storeWhat does this mean for you and me? You can buy tender, tasty meats while eating healthy foods and helping our environment! To quote the owners, Jenny and Mark, “Let’s all help save the planet! Healthy soil = healthy human!” You can purchase Bundle Specials, store in your freezer, and have them on hand to cook on your own grill or in your own kitchen. The Bundle Specials change from time to time, so check out their Facebook page for the current specials. 

If you are planning a trip to Clinton County, be sure to stop at this new market in Breese. Pick up some tender meats or fresh dairy products to enjoy while visiting other attractions in the area.Ribs on the grill from Sugar Creek Valley Meats

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