The Fainting Goat

Location: 509 N 2nd Street, Breese, IL  62230

Phone: (618) 431-3388

The Fainting Goat is owned by Ryan and Ashley Driemeyer. Ryan is a full-time farmer, and Ashley owns a Farmers Insurance Agency in Highland, Il. They have a strong culinary interest, which has laid the foundation for “The Goat”. Together with their two boys they raise Myotonic (Fainting) Goats as a hobby. The name “Fainting Goat” seemed perfect for their new endeavour.
The Fainting Goat is a gathering place for friends to enjoy good food and exquisite wines. Under the direction of a sommelier, the wines were hand selected all having unique elements to excite your palate. Imported from Italy, Australia, Germany, Portugal, and California’s Sonoma Valley, they cannot be found in any local store and are exclusive to us.
Our location offers the opportunity to belly up to the bar, kick back on the patio, or enjoy the traditional dining setting. All offer a great atmosphere, and a wonderful place to enjoy the flavorful menu created by our very own Head Chef Jacob Houchlei and a glass of wine.

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