Hotels & Motels in Clinton County, IL

There are more than 160 hotels and motels rooms in the Carlyle Lake area to meet your traveling needs, whether you need a hotel in a small town or one with a lake view. Browse our listings below and look for accommodations that suit you best for your vacation or weekend getaway in Southwestern Illinois. Providing privacy and the ability to come and go as you need, these lodging facilities also offer a variety of amenities. With this extensive list, you are sure to find the hotel or motel that has the features you prefer. Look for pet friendly lodging, business services and meeting facilities, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, en-suite Jacuzzis, continental breakfast, 24-hour beverage service, and more.

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Mariner’s Village at Carlyle Lake

#1 Resort Dr, Carlyle, IL 62231

The building will accommodate wedding parties, meetings and other events. Reserve the entire building or one side depending on your needs. Catering is available and the Mariner’s Village Hotel is across the parking lot with a view of Carlyle Lake....

Centerstone Inn & Suites

1371 William Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231

Knotty Pine Motel

215 N 4th St, Breese, IL 62230

Carlyle Lakefront Cottages

20700 Hazlett Park Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231

Keyesport Cabins

203 Whig St, Keyesport, IL 62253

Hickory Shores Resort

21925 Dove Ln, Carlyle, IL 62231

DT’s Motel at the Lake

103 Republican, Keyesport, IL 62253