Sports Complexes & Indoor Recreation in the Carlyle Lake Area

When you stay in Clinton County, whether it’s for a vacation or a weekend getaway, you don’t have to give up your sports routine. Southwestern Illinois has everything from archery to soccer and exercise facilities, so you can keep up with everything you love to do while you are away from home or take the opportunity to try something new! Did you come to the Carlyle Lake area to enjoy the great outdoors, but the weather isn’t cooperating? Check out our local indoor sports facilities and brush up on your skills, so when the sun comes back out, you’ll be ready to go!

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Breese Soccer Park

9207 Holy Cross Ln, Breese, IL 62230

Tan sided multi-story building with Black Sign: Henkel's Hook & Arrow, sign for Diamond Archery and Hoyt Retailer.

Henkel’s Hook & Arrow

951 12th St, Carlyle, IL 62231

Indoor archery range, hunting and fishing supplies....