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Large three domed greenhouse with various concrete statues and bird baths, hanging plants at entrance.
Tan brick building Aviston Restaurant sign, American flag on pole surrounded by trees.
Tan and cream building with green room, Behrmann Meat and Processing Sign, three bushes with berries.
Red brick building with white hanging sign with green lettering Berkmann's Baker's Dozen The Hometown Bakery.
Multi-level brick building with domed windows, two black lampposts by sidewalk, trees and bushes in front.
Large stone attraction marker with carves lion with sunglass and name Bretz Wildlife Lodge and Winery, gravel bank by cut off posts.
Long one-story brown building with double glass doors and windows, handicapped parking signs.
Miniature golf course putting greens with trees and grass surounding.
Black train cars sitting under covered depot with stairs to get into cars and number 2500 on side.
Red brick building with salmon colored roof,  Subway with Open Sign illuminated and China Pearl on other side.
Tan sided house with brown roof, Sign on window Covered In Chocolate Deli and Dessert, Window flower boxes.
Patrons walking around and gathering around lit concession and carnival rides at night.
Large white victorian house with blue foundation, rectangular sign with text: Clinton County Historical Society Museum.
Concrete benches surrounding Memorial Wall with 7 flags on poles, Silhouette figure kneeling in gravel.
Red building with sliver metal roof, weather vanes on top, Old wooden wagon on porch, Round sign on front.
Large Evergreen trees surrounding campers at a campground, concrete road surrounding spots.
Side view of red brick building St. Damians Catholic Church with billboard listing service times, Green truck beside building.
Brown Brick building with silver metal roof for with sign for El Arado Mexican Restaurant, Shell Sign and U-Haul beside.
Men wearing earplugs doing maintainence on machines with work light hanging from ceiling, , blue and yellow step ladder.
Group of people of varying ages congregated in warehouse with silver metal racks full of boxes.
Civil War Fort constructed of tan bricks and wood with stairs to second levelCannons in front, trees surround fort.
Room with glass display cases and shelving on both sides with Indian artifacts, Indian Statue with braids.
Red brick bulding with chimney with wood accesnt, white vinyl picture windows, parking log with Corona sign and bushes.
Red brick wall by stream with carved words For Those Who Have Served with metal Military logos on wall..
Cement Memorial Walls with engraved names by stream, Amerian Flag and 6 others on poles around memroial., water fountain.
Large white sided church on corner with grey car on angled parking slot on street, sign with services information.
Billboard hanging on cement wall listing services times for St Dominic Catholic Church, Statue on pedestal as entering property.
Red brick church with steeple, sign in yard with services times and bushes, black van parked on street.
Wood sign along road with white lettering for Eldon Hazlett State Park with a lot of trees behind.
Red wood sign with white letter Carlyle Sailing Association, No Pets Allowed Sign, Sailboats lined up on land.
Red and Tan brick building striped awning, sign on for Good 'Ol Days Family Restaurant, Green benches and potted flowers.
Tan sided building with covered porch with metal tables and chairs, sign for Margaritas Mexican Restaurant and Cantina.
White two story cement building with sign Jailhouse Rock, white car on street.
Chain link fence with flowers behind, red wood with green and white sign for Jerry's Landscape Nursery with phone number and hours.
Red brick botton and white sided top of building and red shutters Budweiser sign.
Brown brick wall with Kunz Carpentry and brown building with American Flag in window double car garage.
Man wearing white t-shirt and tan shorts on edge of lake holding fishing pole with fish on line.
Winding sidewalk toward slender tan building with green trim sitting on lake large trees between lake and building.
Red brick storefront with tan sided 2nd floor, white sign with blue letters Mannhard Hardware-Garden-Gifts.
Red brick building with green, white and red sign Mexico on Main. White building beside.
Circular white covered gazebo with white picket fence with tall trees behind, bushes around building.
Park with covered shelters and playground equipment under trees, sidewalk surrounding grass.
Group of men in coats some wearing camouflage and orange, varias pick-up trucks in parking lot.
Red brick building with large picture window Pizza Market Sign with phone number, cars on street.
Brown one story building with flowers planted in front, golf cart and 2 SUVs in parking lot, piles of bricks.
Brown wood building with green metal roof on front, sign Popeyes Chop House and sign with hours. wood door.
Open grassed area with variety of playground equipment, soccer nets, yellow house in distance.
Red brick Church with stained glass windows, cement cross on top, white statue, wide sidewalk in front.
Three story red brick church on corner, Stop and children crossing sign, cross with red draped material.
Brown brick building with tall column and clock plus gold cross on dead-end street, white house.
Cream sided building with Antique Mall Antiques with gravel parking area, wood ramp with railings at entrance.
Cream building with metal awning, Budweiser sign along with burgundy sign with white letter Trenton House Restaurant Good Food.
Cream sided building with Sign Trenton Processing Center with cow and pig on each side, barbeque grill, black SUV in lot.
White Cougar camper with family gathered under trees, beagle in grass, American Flags stuck in ground.
Memorial wall with Clinton County Veterans engraved names who served during different wars, brown and cream building.
Grey building with brown roof that looks like barn, Pink pig shaped Sign Wheelan's BBQ Shack
Cream sign with blue lettering The Wheelhouse Grille lit up at night, boat wheel on sign at top.
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