Wheelan’s Barbecue Shack in Carlyle, IL: Smoking Good

Ask anyone in the area where to find some great BBQ, and they’ll head you in the direction of Wheelan’s Barbecue Shack in Carlyle. Follow their lead, you won’t be disappointed.

basted-ribs-DT55822069Wheelan’s grew out a love of smoked meats that goes back 50-odd years, when Grandpa Cliff was smoking up a storm out by the garage. Following in his footsteps, the current chefs start with the highest quality meats, then smoke them nice and slow with a blend of hickory, cherry and apple woods, producing that reddish pink tint that’s a market of authentic barbecue. Then they baste it and serve it with a special savory sauce.

Pulled pork here is everything you’d expect and want: fresh pork shoulder that’s been slow-smoke for 12 hours until its so tender it nearly shreds on its own. You can order it as a dinner or a sandwich. Same as with the beef brisket, which has undergone a slow-smoking of 14 hours. No surprise, another specialty at Whelan’s is ribs: baby back, 3-bone portion or a full slab. Dinners come with two sides and garlic toast. Starters carry on the smoky theme with smoked wings or BBQ nachos.

If you’re planning a family reunion or gathering, Wheelan’s is a great catering option. Not only do they do the standard BBQ menu, but will do whole hog barbecues, fish frys, low country boils and more too.

Wheelan’s Barbecue Shack
491 Fairfax Street, Carlyle, IL
Thursdays – Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Closed Mondays

Come enjoy a taste of Clinton County!

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