Getting To Know Our Town: Aviston, Illinois

How much do you know about your home town? We did a little digging and found out all sorts of wonderful facts about one of ours, Aviston, Illinois.

Aviston, a rural community is southwestern Illinois, was established in 1836, 18 years after Illinois became a state. The town name came from one of its early residents, and the first to open a business in town, John T. Avis.

By the 1850’s, the O and M Railroad had a line through Aviston, and like many small towns throughout the country, homes and business built up close to the tracks. Today this old part of Aviston is where the Old Towne North subdivision is located. And the entire town encompasses what were three separate communities: Aviston, Hull, and Hecker.

As the size of Aviston grew, so did its populations, from a humble 381 residents in 1895 to a 2010 count of 1,945. During the 1900’s, people from all across the States passed through town heading east and west on what is now old U.S. Route 50, one of the major cross-coutry highways in the United States.

A strong German heritage, a love of small town living, and a strong community pride keep Aviston growing and going strong. Locals and visitors enjoy parks, gathering in our outdoor pavilion, lighted walking paths, sports fields, and a strong business community.

Come take a drive to Aviston. Stop and enjoy a meal and share in the good life, if even for just a few hours.

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