Get Ready for Summer Fun With These Water Safety Tips

As home to Illinois’ largest manmade lake, Clinton County, Illinois, is a haven for everyone who loves playing on the water. Carlyle Lake alone sees more than six million visitors a year. Since May is Water Safety Month, it’s a perfect time to remind all our residents and visitors of how to stay safe with tips from the Illinois Army Corps of Engineers.

Copy of a water safety poster showing two girls in a raft being pulled behind a motor boat. Both are wearing life jackets.Wear a life jacket. No matter how good a swimmer you or others in your group are, wearing a jacket can help ensure you survive unexpected slips or falls.

Never exceed your swimming abilities or swim alone. Regardless of how good a swimmer, unexpected conditions—such as waves, currents, or exhaustion—can put you in danger. Swimming abilities also decrease with age, so use caution.

Alcohol and water are a deadly combination. Too many dangerous incidences can occur with the use of alcohol and drugs when swimming (becoming disoriented underwater) or boating (fatigue and slow reaction time). Save the celebrating for after you’re off the water.

Be careful! 19% of all water-related fatalities are due to falls. A sudden, unexpected fall into cold water causes an involuntary gasp, when you could take in water instead of air. Just ½-cup of water in the lungs is enough to drown a person. Alcohol or drugs can delay response and add to the problem.

Click here for more important tips water safety information from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Think you’re already in the know about water safety? Check how smart you are!

We look forward to having you visit Clinton County, and want every stay to be safe and enjoyable.

Image courtesy of the Illinois Army Corps of Engineers.

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