Fantastick Pops Truck Stops In Southwestern IL!

  • large teal and orange popsicle food truck

You may have seen a bright teal and orange truck running around Southwestern Illinois for the past few weeks, and hopefully you’ve flagged them down or followed them. Fantastick Pops is a new popsicle experience that we’ve all been waiting to try, and now it’s here! These hand-crafted, artisan popsicles aren’t your average iced confections. With an amazing array of flavors and toppings, there’s something for everyone’s sweet-tooth in this truck!

two women holding and eating popsicles

Owners (and sisters-in-law!) Anna and Allison have just opened their food-truck doors as of early 2019, but their ideas and passion started far beyond this year. A popsicle experience, while on vacation, left the sisters dreaming of bringing sweet treats and natural flavors to St. Louis and the Southwest bits of Illinois. With hard work, planning, and a taste-testing dream team, these ladies are hitting the streets with their creamy treats!

There’s no shortage of new and exciting flavors at Fantastick Pops. Anna and Allison made the commitment when they decided to only use natural ingredients like locally sourced fruits and vegetables. “Wait, vegetables?”, we hear you asking and yes! Fantastick Pops is going above and beyond with daring new flavor profiles such as “Cucumber Lime Mint” and “Pineapple Jalapeño”. If you’re looking for a more classic frozen treat, look no further since this truck also has all the classic flavors like “Watermelon”, “Cherry”, and “Fudge”. Other great flavors that needed a shout-out are “Chai Latte”, “Goat Cheese-Lemon-Pistachio”, “Matcha Green Tea”, and “Sugar Plum”! Make sure to check out the Fantastick Pops page on Facebook to see what they’re serving up this week.

Delicious popsicle with nuts and pink background

Also keep an eye on their social media for the next chance to try these wonderful treats. The ladies have been all over the county, most recently at Taphorn Orchards, where they featured “Apple Cinnamon” pops that were created with Taphorn’s fresh apple cider- yum! Fantastick Pops also has an “order-ahead” option and catering availability with reservation. Guests can pick up their orders at the Fantastick Pops shop.

Address: 301 Hanover Street, Germantown, IL 62245

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