Wally’s Drive-in In Breese IL

cheeseburger and fries on white paper

Picture by Christopher S.

Welcome to Wally’s Drive-in, the not-so-secret local favorite that serves up good food and even better company! If you’re visiting Clinton County, IL, Wally’s Drive-in is likely to be one of the first recommendations you get. It’s easy to see why when you stop by, with vintage charm and delicious cheeseburgers, this is the place to be! The cheeseburgers are the staple, with burger beef that is ground fresh daily, rich cheese, and crunchy pickles to top it off.

Coming up on 60 years, Wally’s started in a gas station with a main item- the Wally Burger: a single patty cheeseburger with pickles, smashed and made to order. But it didn’t stay that way, as more and more visitors couldn’t get enough with just one patty and requested the double cheeseburger- currently the most popular item. One specialty meal that’s sure to please is the “Clinton County Hangover”, a double cheeseburger, fries, and a Ski soda.

Customers of Wally’s Drive-in rave about the shakes as well. Made with real Hershey syrup, these shakes taste the same as they did back in 1951! But burgers and shakes- while classic- are far from the only things Wally’s is cooking up daily. From fried fish sandwiches and beer-batter onion rings to sundaes and malts, there’s something for even the most picky eater in the group!

The classic, nostalgic feeling of Wally’s Drive-in is a huge draw to locals and visitors alike. So much so that (with a couple new exceptions) the menu has stayed the same for decades. Practice makes perfect it seems, as Wally’s Drive-in maintains a solid 5-star review status.

So come on down to Wally’s Drive-in whether you’re in town permanently or just visiting, and see why the motto is “Rain, sleet, snow or shine, they come to Wally’s all the time!”

Address: 711 N 4th St, Breese, Illinois 62230

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