The Best Filipino Cuisine in Trenton IL!

Do you need a change of pace from your regular weeknight dinner fare? Are you looking for new flavors and tastes from across the globe? Then Kain Tayo is the next restaurant for you! The first of its kind in Trenton, IL, Kain Tayo offers authentic Filipino cuisine; the fresh flavors and outstanding dishes found here will transport your tastebuds straight to Manila.

Kain Tayo- meaning “Let’s eat” in Tagalong- was started in April of 2019, by owners Randy and Sally Arcega. After getting high compliments from those that had tasted their cooking, the Arcegas opened Kain Tayo with a commitment to serving great food and bringing Filipino culture and values to the Clinton County area!

In addition to the excellent service, the food at Kain Tayo gets the highest compliments. A rotating menu keeps things interesting while also featuring classic dishes every weekend. Come try the instant favorite of Lumpia: a Filipino style eggroll filled with finely ground pork, shrimp, beef, carrots, onion and garlic, that’s wrapped in a thin crepe-like wrapper and deep fried. More customer favorites include the Chicken Adobo, Menudo, and Steamed Rice- a staple in Filipino cuisine.

There’s something for everyone here and if you don’t know what sounds good, just ask! The rotating menu is posted daily to the Kain Tayo page on Facebook, check it out to see what is cooking fresh today! Today’s specials are Grilled Pork Belly, Pork BBQ on a Stick, and Pinoy-style Fried Chicken- all meals are $8.99 and come with two sides. Stop in today and you might just find your new favorite meal!

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