Guzman’s Grocery & Restaurant In Carlyle IL!


The Guzman family have put their mark on the Clinton County map with great service, incredible food and drinks, and a commitment to their community. Those looking for a night out of family fun and full bellies should look no further than Guzman’s in Carlyle, Illinois- there’s something for everyone, with a grocery store, bakery, restaurant and more!

Guests from all over the state come for the delicious, authentic Mexican food at Guzman’s. High praise is given especially to the menudo, tongue tacos, and tamales- which are said to be the best in the county! A fan favorite is the Mexican Flag combo, a stunning entree that features a red sauce enchilada, crema enchilada, and green sauce enchilada, that comes with rice. The drinks are another highly rated feature at Guzman’s, with sky-high margarita towers, $10 pitchers, and specialty margaritas customers rave about!

Guests can also browse the grocery store while they visit. Stocked with items like chorizo, authentic spices and flavorings, and bakery items that are baked in-house, you’ll have to stop yourself before your dinner comes. Guzman’s offers a range of unique grocery items as well, like coconut milk popsicles and even alligator!

The highest compliments are saved for the staff and family at Guzman’s Restaurant and Grocery Store. Visitors, reviewers, and guests all mention how they feel like family when they stop in. From specialty orders and requests being met with a smile, to teaching customers how to make the best Mexican rice they’ve ever had, the Guzman family is what makes Guzman’s so special. Take some time out of your week to discover this not-so-hidden gem!

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