Your Guide to Clinton County Parks and Trails

It’s getting warmer out which means we all want to get outside and explore more of nature. The sun is shining and warming our skin. The ground is thawing and showing signs of life. Our moods are elevated when we step outside. So, why not take advantage of that pep in our step with a trip to a local park or trail? Here is your guide to Clinton County Parks and Trails

We have an array of options for outdoor activities to suit your every mood. We have the trails for you if you’re an avid hiker or biker. Or, if you’re more attuned to leisurely activities, you bet we have something to beckon you in as well. Whatever you’re into, Clinton County’s parks and trails will get you back into nature and smiling from ear to ear. 

Eldon Hazlet State Park

Be it land or water activities, Eldon Hazlet State Park delivers. It’s located on the western shore of Carlyle Lake with boating, bird watching, camping, and hiking, among other things. There are nine miles of trails throughout the park if you’re looking to walk off the winter blues, or you can wash it all away with a swim or boat ride in the 26,000-acre lake. 

Carlyle Lake

Speaking of the lake, enjoy this massive man-made lake with more to experience than you will even have time for while you’re here. You can sail all day without stopping or seeing the same thing twice. You can fish to your heart’s content. You can plop down on that beach chair that you’ve been longing for all winter and dig your toes in the sand on the beach. Nothing will make your spirit soar quite like a trip to Carlyle Lake.

South Shore State Park

This 3 mile park is located on the southern side of Carlyle Lake where you can observe white-tailed deer, bluebirds, and other beauties from nature. Occasionally, archery ranges are set up if you’re a fan but you can count on a fantastic camping trip at Hickory Hollow Campground all year long. As with the other locations, fishing and boating are abound at this scenic location. 

Breese North Park

This park is a real crowd pleaser for families thanks to the many child-friendly activities. Take the kids for a dip in the swimming pool or let them climb and explore on the various playgrounds. Hannah’s Playground is a wonderful handicap inclusive playground, so no child is denied fun. Adults love the tennis courts and softball/baseball diamonds. You might even be able to catch a play or local show at the park’s stage. 

Visiting Clinton County is a great way to welcome the warmer weather and get started on your outdoor fun. When you leave, you’ll be leaving refreshed with many cherished memories to last you a lifetime. And you’ll be itching to come back, so we will see you soon!

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