King Kat Tournament in Carlyle IL | June 2023

The annual King Kat Tournament returns to Carlyle, IL, this June. This Cabela’s-sponsored catfish competition is now ten years old. The Tournament Trail includes 12 events in ten different states. In addition, our local participants can earn the right to compete nationally at the Super Bowl of Cat Fishing held in the fall in differing locations.

Tournament Details

This day of catfishing competition is affordable and includes a seminar, open to the public, at each tournament site. It’s an opportunity to learn something new about the sport even if you are not participating that day. The competitors begin early with the fun of “catching the big one!” Fisherfolk will pull in all their lures by 3 pm and must be in line for official weigh-in by 4 pm at the Dam West Boat Ramp on Marina Road in Carlyle, IL.

On the same day of the competition, there will also be a Kids’ Rodeo for youngsters up to 12 years of age. It’s a great event to help teach young anglers the fun of the sport.

There is a limit of three fish per team; all fish must be kept alive through the weigh-in. The winner is determined by the total weight of the three entered fish. Another prize is awarded to the person with the biggest fish. In the past, the winner’s catch totaled 27.79 pounds, and the biggest fish weighed 11.52 pounds. There is an additional award for the biggest fish.

Exhibition at Mariners Village Center

After the weigh-in, an exhibition will be held at Mariners Village Center on Resort Drive, Carlyle, IL. Late registration for the seminar happens from 5 pm to 7 pm, and the event begins at 7 pm. Learn about techniques and new equipment from some contributing vendors and sponsors.

Registration is available online and must be completed by the due date to avoid the late registration fee. The $300 charge includes a team of two fisherfolk and can consist of a third person for free if that person is under 16. Total purses for the national tournament can reach over $70,000, which is a great inspiration for our local day of catfishing.

The return of the King Kat tournament to Carlyle, IL, marks the start of the summer season. Plan a visit to Carlyle Lake and Clinton County for the competition or to enjoy the lake and the surroundings.


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