Civil War Fort Reconstructed in Clinton County, IL

The Civil War has been a fascination as well as a passion for many Americans, and Bob Eversgerd is one of them. What started as a project to replicate an 1800’s fort, has turned into one of the largest masonry projects in the country, constructed by one person. Head out to Germantown and you can tour this fascinating place, Bob Eversgerd’s Civil War Fort. cannon

Begun from scratch in 1984, in the rolling fields near Germantown, Bob began, stone by stone, to build a replica of a Civil War fort. Many stones came from old Nineteenth Century buildings; others friends helped haul from nearby fields. One by one Bob placed the stones, side by side, row after row to create a limestone fortress. Its size is impressive, measuring 338 feet from north to south, 275 feet from east to west. On top of the entrance, which towers 22 feet high, he placed an exact replica of a Civil War cannon that he shaped using scrap metal.

Walk inside the fort and you’ll find log cabins with beds that have straw-stuffed mattresses and wash tubs for laundry. There’s a livery stable and jail, a stagecoach and old instruments. And there’s Bob, now well into his 80’s, and as passionate as ever about his project.

You can tour the fort—just call ahead to make the arrangements. While there, be sure to check out Bob’a amazing collection of Native American and pioneer artifacts, including arrowheads found along Shoal Creek.

Eversgerd’s Civil War Fort
6521 Shoal Creek Road, Germantown

You just never know what wonderful things you will find when you visit Clinton County!

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