Arnold Company: Growing Big In Trenton, IL

People may think important companies are always in big metro areas, but the Arnold Company here in Trenton, Illinois, would prove them wrong. As the United States’ number one manufacturer of Hopper Gate Openers, it’s a vital player in keeping America’s rail industry moving smoothly.

Ask owner Arnold Huelsmann the key to his success, and he would say customer satisfaction. Since starting the company in the 1980’s, that has been a key to not only gaining business, but growing it. By focusing on rail cars—door openings, specifically—the company became the industry expert. It has also become a prime innovator, working onsite with customers to find creative solutions to their problems. Case in point, a new vibrator lifter called the Rhino. Shorter and lighter, it can take on heavy lifting with greater ease than standard, heavier models.

The Arnold Company’s expertise and product line has made them a key player, serving almost every industry on rails, both here and internationally. Even other manufacturers consult them, as did a recent zinc producer who asked the company to design a special hopper gate.

Though the Arnold Company makes products most of us never will use, we all benefit. That freight train going through town carrying goods across America? There’s a good chance Trenton’s Arnold Company had a role in the operation.

Arnold Company
2955 Trico Drive, Trenton, IL

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