Breese, Illinois’ Historical Park

The history for most towns can be found in books stored in the library. Not so Breese, Illinois. Its history is also proudly displayed for all to see and enjoy in a park.

The Breese Historical Park & Garden, located just south of St. Dominic Catholic Church, is a peaceful place with seasonal plants and nice benches for sitting. Take time to walk through it and you’ll be walking through the history of the town, depicted in photographs, memorials, and one tall statue. The park is a project of the Breese Historical Society, and dedicated to the hard work and dedication of those who shaped the town.

The Original Cholera Cross

At the center of the park is a striking black obelisk. Each of its four sides contains multiple images: former residents, Breese’s three churches, the Cholera Cross, and more significant data. Held inside the sculpture are time capsules that contain family histories, newspaper ads, company logos, old letters, and more. There are also eight murals throughout the park that depict important times in Breese history, such as one that shows the memorial to the miners who lost their lives back in 1906. An impressive memorial wall holds more than 180 named bricks, many purchased by local families.

Breese Historical Park
496 N. Second Street, Breese, IL

You can check the Breese Historical Society website for more information and images of the park. But to get the full benefit, plan to spend an hour or two walking through the park and relaxing there. It’s the perfect place to take a time out from today’s busy world and soak in some history.

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