D & M Farms In Breese, IL: Quality Farm-To-Table Meats

It all started with an essay eight year-old Megan wrote for a contest. The prize was a lamb. Not only did Megan win the prize, she then went on to score top medals at the county and State fairs with her prize lamb. Fast-forward to 2017 when Dave, a fourth-generation family farmer, and his daughter Megan formed D & M Farms, a flourishing business that supplies farm-to-table products to Clinton County area businesses and families, and to some of the top restaurants in metro St. Louis.

two red wattle pigs lying on the ground in a cute pose.The farm raises feed cattle, lambs and sheep, goats, and heritage whey-fed Red Wattle pigs that have a buttery texture and marbling similar to beef. All D & M meats are USDA federally inspected. The company’s signature product is seasoned gyro ground lamb, a favorite used for sliders or Greek gyros served in pita bread. Another popular item is bratwurst, with the spicy jalapeno/cheddar variety leading the way.

During the summer, customers could find D&M Farms at several local markets, and it will continue to be available at the winter markets in Goshen, Illinois (the third Saturday of the month). The small hands-on operation does not have a farm store but will sell to consumers who order directly from them. Orders will be delivered or you can schedule a pick-up—D & M refers to them as Meat-Ups and Farm Pickups!

Thinking about serving ham for the holidays? Now is the time to place a special order with D & M (regular or honey ham). Look for custom gift packages too in the weeks ahead. The farm will also custom blend sausage—other than summer sausage—for customers who order 25 pounds or more.

The Farm's logo which show a sketch of a sheep with the address and email.D & M Farms
16311 Saint Rose Road, Breese, IL

D & M Farms is one more reason we’re so proud of Clinton County’s leading role in agriculture.

Images courtesy of D & M Farms.

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  1. Purchased some of your summer sausage at Marcout Jersey Creamery, and love it. Is it available in a super markets near me. I live in Waterloo, Illinois (near St. Louis).

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