Kunz Carpentry in Trenton IL

Kunz Carpentry in Trenton, IL has been the wood and lumber leader of Clinton County since their founding in 1972. After opening a second location in 1984, the Kunz Carpentry Warehouse, the business bloomed and has been serving customers with the same quality attitude and family-owned spirit for 48 years! The owners, Frank and Karen Kunz, maintain the leadership and management in their stores with these qualities in mind.

The Kunz Carpentry Showroom was opened when Kunz Carpentry moved from constructing and remodeling homes to handcrafting custom cabinetry. After establishing their talent in cabinetry design, Kunz has also branched out into the design of various other home furnishings. In addition to displaying their latest designs, the Showroom is home to a variety of countertops, vanities, and bars as well as gifts for all ages. Visitors can find gifts for anyone on their list with items like music boxes, puzzles, and keepsake baskets. The Showroom is located at 16 East Broadway, Trenton, IL 62293.

For companies or woodworking individuals, the Kunz Carpentry Warehouse supplies both wood pieces and a range of tools. Visitors can expect regular workday tools like hand tool & blade replacements, but also should keep an eye out for specials and unexpected finds! A newly announced item is the exotic Live Edge Slabs, which will introduce a classically rustic element to your next woodworking project. The Warehouse is located at 18 South Main St, Trenton, IL 62293.

Put Kunz Carpentry on your list for your next woodworking project, as your lumber supplier, or to find a special surprise for your next big event!

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  1. Congratulations to Kunzs’ I knew Karen when she was a young lady. It is easy to understand the quality that comes to life through their expertise. June Williams, from Highland.

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