Crooked Creek Winery | Uncorking a Centralia IL Hidden Gem

Crooked Creek Winery is a former horse farm that has been re-imagined as a charming winery in Centralia, IL. The horses remain, but the barn is now a wine production facility. Owners Shannon and Mindy Cooney—she’s a native of Germantown—had been living in Los Angeles. Wine was central to their lives. Not only do they enjoy visiting wineries worldwide, but they also got married and honeymooned at one, too. Wanting to raise a family in the country near relatives, they returned to the Midwest and bought Crooked Creek Winery.

The small family winery sits on the back roads of Hoffman, just outside of Centralia. Its peaceful setting with a big red barn is truly inviting. You can sit outside and watch the horses as you sip on the carefully produced wines.

Crooked Creek Winery

24585 W 10th St, Centralia IL

Crooked Creek Winery remains in its original location and is home to nearly a dozen performance horses. The property has a tasting room, wine production area, and cellar. They also have an outdoor veranda perfect for enjoying a glass of wine. Couples enjoy using the arbor on a well-manicured lawn across the lake as a backdrop for their wedding ceremonies. Most important to note is that the serious business of winemaking happens at this address.

The Winery is open Friday-Sunday from noon until 7 pm. They have started serving a lunch menu with homemade focaccia sandwiches with imported meats and cheeses, salads, and soup. This location closes during the winter months.

Crooked Creek Winery Downtown

107 N. Oak, Centralia IL

Crooked Creed Winery Downtown opened in 2020. They have a full-service wine bar featuring Crooked Creek Wines, specialty beer, and cocktails. There is also an indoor special event space and “The Yard,” an outdoor venue for concerts and other special events. They schedule a summer concert series, open mic nights, and other community events throughout the year.

Crooked Creek Wines

The wines incorporate locally-grown grapes and include a range of flavors, from dry to sweet. The reds are hand-punched and, when aged, rest in used French oak barrels. The whites are crafted to maximize the flavor of the grapes used. Crooked Creek started producing several types of fruit wines in 2020. A best seller is Huntin’ Hooch, a fortified blackberry wine, and Buckaroo Black and Blue (a blackberry and blueberry blend).

You can choose between an aged Chamborcin for a dry red or a Chardonel for a dry white. Plenty of sweet and semi-sweet choices are made from Concord or Niagara grapes. Crooked Creek has blends of both red and white that are perfect for tailgates or picnics.

 Clinton County’s Many Hidden Gems

Crooked Creek Winery is just one of Clinton County’s many hidden gems. If you love wine, we have three other wineries to enjoy! Our spectacular Carlyle Lake is far from hidden, along with many ways to experience the water and the shoreline. Plan a day, a weekend, or a week in Southwestern IL, and relish the relaxation found in our iconic small towns. We can’t wait to see you!

Photo credit: Crooked Creek Winery. Used by permission

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