Navigating the Waters: Your Guide to Crappie Fishing on Lake Carlyle

Nestled in southwestern Illinois, Lake Carlyle is a haven for anglers who seek to fill the boat with white and largemouth bass, catfish, carp, and crappie. Here, we focus on providing a guide to crappie fishing on Lake Carlyle. With its diverse aquatic ecosystem, this sprawling reservoir offers an unparalleled experience for those who pursue the elusive crappie.

Seasonal Patterns of the Crappie

Lake Carlyle boasts an abundant crappie population, drawing anglers from afar. Understanding the seasonal patterns of crappie behavior is critical to a successful fishing expedition. In spring, crappies migrate to shallow waters for spawning, presenting an excellent opportunity for shore anglers. Summer sees them seeking colder depths, while fall witnesses a return to shallower areas. Winter, on the other hand, requires a more strategic approach, as crappie tend to move to deeper waters.

Lake Carlyle Spotlight “On the Hook”

Just this past summer, an episode of “On the Hook,” a television fishing show, was filmed on Lake Carlyle. The episode features the host, Jeremy Mattingly, fishing for crappie on Lake Carlyle with local Jason Adams. They cover the types of lures, best fishing spots, and crappie tricks that will up your fishing catch. It’s great fun to see Lake Carlyle from the boat and watch numerous foot-long crappies being pulled in.

After a successful day fishing, the show visits Twelve Oaks Winery, and we get a view of the production facility, tasting room, and vineyard. Then, Jeremy stops in at the Eversgerd Civil War Fort in Germantown.

Lake Carlyle Crappie Tournament | May 4, 2024

Fishing hours: 6:30 am – 2:30 pm

Lake Carlyle has hosted the state qualifying tournament for crappie fishing for several years. This year’s tournament should prove exciting! Register early to avoid a late fee. All legal waters of the lake are open for the competition.

Plan Your Fishing Excursion on Lake Carlyle

Whether you plan to compete in the annual tournament, head out to catch some crappie for fun, or fill your pail for dinner, plan your weekend! There are cabins along the lake for you or the family, and we even have a full weekend getaway itinerary if you aren’t spending all your time on the water. We even have a list of dining options if you get your fill of fish. Spending a vacation in Southwestern Illinois is a memorable family holiday; you will discuss it for years to come!

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