EZN Travel

Location: 111 Clintonian Plaza, Breese, IL  62230

Phone: (618) 526-2201

Your Vacation Specialist


Based in Breese, IL, we serve customers from all surrounding Clinton County communities 

Do you see yourself on a beach? On a boat? Trekking across Europe? Pick up your phone, and do something about it. EZN Travel is here to help people in our community enjoy the vacation opportunities that they deserve. In fact, we’re a full-service travel agency that uses our knowledge of the industry and our own travel experience to find you the best deals on everything from all-inclusive vacations to river cruises. From relaxing on a hammock in the Bahamas to experiencing the wilderness of Alaska, it’s our goal to make your trip as easy and fulfilling as possible. Remember – EZN makes travel easy, so call today and speak with one of our agents about your desired destination

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